Guidelines and Preparation

1.  If you have any injuries or issues concerning blood pressure, hernias, pregnancy, or anything you believe may interfere with a healthy Yoga practice, PLEASE have a clear visit with your doctor and have a very good idea of what you should and shouldn't do.

2. ALWAYS listen to YOUR body - You are here for yourself and your health.  Injuries happen when we ignore our body's cues. Leave your Ego at the door and enjoy ;)

3. Be on time out of respect for the teacher and other students.

4. No strong perfumes, smells, or body odors as this can trigger breathing issues for some and distractions for others.

6. Arrive 15 minutes early if it is your first time or you have any questions. If you're running behind, no worries! Wait patiently until breathing meditation is done, and enter quietly.  If you know you'll be late, send us a txt and we can help set you up a spot. :)  

7. When entering the practice space for Yoga: Leave shoes in the foyer.  Enter quietly.  Make sure your phone is completely off (no ringers or vibrate mode). If you class requires shoes, please bring studio specific shoes to help us care for the beautiful floor space.