POP Pilates Workshops!! 

Yoga Central of Great Bend is for people of all skill and ability levels.  Our goal is to invite people to an inspiring environment to achieve your personal and physical goals.  We hope to inspire health and balance in your everyday life.



Dear Central Kansans,

  A a native Kansan from Great Bend, it is my dream to see EVERYONE in our community moving and feeling great!  Building confidence and strength as you set your sights and receive support on your way to a healthier life!  10 years ago, I was 50 lbs over weight.  I was inspired by the loss of my father at 56 from heart disease, to be the change I wish to see.  I began my own "Healthy Life Movement" in 2007 and through my journey I became inspired to share the things that not only helped me build strength and endurance, but also internal peace and harmony. As someone who wants to inspire positive change in our community, it was my calling to build a beautiful and serene space for everyone in our community to feel safe and amazing. This year, Danielle Feist and Sarah Burkhead joined the Yoga Central Team!  Now we offer a huge variety of classes!  From Yoga to HIIT and coming soon is POP PILATES!  We are SO EXCITED to share all these great things with YOU!

  Yoga, health, and movement is for everybody, but don't take my word for it, come try a class! Keep an open mind that your practice may not look exactly like the person's next to you, but that's the point! 

Sincerely, Morgan Stevens

Owner and Instructor