Morgan Stevens ERYT-200/ 400 Hours of Yoga Alliance Certifications

Vinyasa and Alignment Based Teaching

Welcome to Yoga Central! I am a native of Great Bend and after deciding to stay here long term, my family and I decided to help support local life and our community in a top notch way! We wanted to build a beautiful welcoming and environment for our locals and visitors as they enrich their lives through healthy movement, support, connection and personal education.


Truly, Yoga Central is for everyone of all age, body types and builds. Accessability was important to me, so you won't find high priced classes, monthly sign ups and fees. As life happens, I want students and friends at Yoga Central to realize its OK to miss a class or two and get back in as life settles. Its about internalizing balance!! 

I started my fitness journey at least 50lbs overweight (when I finally stepped on the scale) and stressed to the max, my diet was horrible and my life habits were counter-productive to longevity. Losing my father at 56 from heart disease and becoming a mother myself the following year, I finally woke up! IT WAS TIME FOR LONG TERM CHANGE! 

My passion for Yoga started in 2007.  After overcoming a lot of anxiety about gyms and exercising in front of people, I let go of that Ego place and started lifting weights with a personal trainer and taking group fitness classes. My body was becoming more healthy, defined, and STRONG...... and also sore and stiff. After my first Yoga class, I was hooked! No matter what happened in the rest of my week, I never missed a Wednesday night Yoga class with Laurie.  In 2012 I took my first Yoga training in Boulder, Colorado.  Training at CorePower was an amazing mix of breath, movement, heat, and self-care (down 40 lbs at this point!!). In 2015, I joined my friends in Wichita at Yoga Central (not affiliated other than friendship) to learn a more alignment based style of asana (Yoga poses). This training broadened my understanding of Yoga poses. I learned to support people who experience a "pinch", stiffness or lack of mobility, as well as, support a variety of ages and abilities that faster more intense styles aren't appropriate for. I am 100% committed to Continuing Education classes so I can bring that knowledge and understanding to all of you.

We have students from the ages of 15-84, and sometimes they are in the same class!!! That's AMAZING!!! This tells me we are doing great things for our community!!  I now have over 400 Hours of Teaching Certifications supported through Yoga Alliance and I am a certified Educator of Yoga to support other teachers. I am a certified Massage Therapist and after working in the Healthcare field as a Medical Lab Technician for 9 years, the extent of my knowledge of the human body from a cellular level to the big picture is extensive.  If you have tried Yoga before and it didn't feel amazing, I encourage you to try at least one of my classes and feel the difference. Not all Yoga is the same as there are TONS of styles and teachers. I want to encourage you to never give up on YOU! Everyone has an opportunity to move more and feel better in some way at Yoga Central. 

Move well, Be well, Live well,

Morgan Stevens MLT, MT, ERYT - 200, 400 Hr Yoga Teacher Training in both Vinyasa and Alignment